Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Daddy Edition

Well, we're a week behind, but this week our TT is about DADDY!!!

1. Daddy works at a fort, the biggest fort in the whole country. He does data entry and is not allowed to play with the guns.

2. Daddy just got a duh-gree in English from the University of South Carolina. He gots all dressed up like Harry Potter to get it for some reason.

3. Daddy grew up in a teeny tiny town. He lived in a trailer! That's kind of like a shoebox, but not as nice or fun. Mom pretends he didn't.

4. He's in a club with the President. He says he means the last lej-it-amit president, whatever that means. It's called Fi betta cappa. Is that like betta fish?

5. He's too thin to give blood.

6. But he played football. Kind of.

7. Now that he graduated, he is happy that he will actually have time to read all the things that he was supposed to read for class.

8. His favorite writer is Terry Pratchett, who he says is a science fiction and fantasy writer. I don't think he read that in a class.

9. A little while ago he left us FOR A WHOLE MONTH to go to Cambridge to study. He said he kept looking for "Hawking". I think he meant some kinda bird. He got to come home early because he couldn't take any toothpaste on his plane.

10. Emily thinks his lap is great. She likes to jump in it and cuddle when he's typing at the computer.

11. Abbie likes to nibble on his toes the best because he always lets her have her fill of toe.

12. Eliot loves when Daddy cleans the litterbox, and he stalks around until Daddy leaves so that he can use it first!

13. But I'm his favorite (don't tell the others!) because I keep his feet warm every night! I love sleeping on my Daddy's feet and I know he loves us a lot.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Midnight Monday - Belated Gotcha Day!

Hi effruyone. I hope you had a good weekend. I spent my weekend with my sisfur Emily. It was her first gotcha day and we got all kinds of presents and had very special nip in her honor. Mom and dad spent all day Saturday in bed with us kitties to celebrate... so I'd like to use my midnight Monday to honor my wonderufl sisfur Emily. She's so much fun, I really like to chase her. Happy gotcha day sis!


Love, Mom, Dad, Percy, Eliot and Abbie!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Edition 4: The Bride

We've enjoyed learning about Skeezix's people so much that we wanted to share about our people. Since our mom and dad decided to finally legitimize us and tie the knot next month, we'll make it a countdown to the wedding. So this Thursday Thirteen will be about mom with four more Thursday Thirteens to go before they get hitched.

1. She did ballet when she was a little girl. She said she's glad she quit because she isn't very good at not eating. And her leaps looked like hops.

2. She was a cheerleader in high school and she was captain her senior year until she got really sick, missed a whole bunch of school and was told she couldn't cheer because she didn't have any grades. She had mono-nu-clee-oh-sus and her immune system hasn't been the same since. She still gets strep at least three times a year and catches anything anyone has.

3.She is from a place all the way on the other side of the world called California. She lived in the same house since she was born until she came to live with daddy (and when she went to college).
4. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She said when she lived at school she lived right next to the beach and the sea lions barking often kept her up at night. We know she has to be lying 'cuz lions don't bark, they roar, Emily saw it on Animal Plant.

5. She is really allergic to spider bites and makes daddy kill every spider he sees so it doesn't bite her and kill her, or have babies that may bite her and kill her.

6. She was a vegetarian for 6 years when she was younger, she finally broke down at a get together with friends at a steak house when her friend told her that if a cow could, it would eat her. She is almost ready to become a vegetarian again and she really doesn't like meat. She's crazy. She does make all of her food from scratch though, and it's very tasty. She mainly cooks Italian. You guys should come over for dinner sometime.

7. She is what daddy calls "liberal for a liberal" but that's ok because she comes from California and they are like that over there. Mom calls it being "progressive."

8. She has had at least one cat her entire life. She also usually has a dog. She is a hardcore animal lover and cries when she sees an animal hit by a car or without a home. Dad says if it was up to her we would be a shelter. Mom thinks every animal deserves love and a home of their own.

9. She just became a certified paralegal. She will soon be leaving her job to seek paralegal work. She hates her job, she doesn't like working for someone that she knows she is smarter than. She's in the middle of trying to get into law school. Right now she has dropped out of the current round to try to get a better LSAT score to get more money from the schools that accepted her this time or maybe even into her dream school University of Richmond. She says she wants to defend the environment, whatever that means.

10. She reads Vogue and Vanity Fair and makes fun of the way daddy dresses. She often tells him he can't go outside wearing what he's wearing because she reads Vogue and it's not kosher. She is also a celebrity gossip addict; it's a habit she picked up in college when she was so tired of finding meaning in everything she just wanted to read something that had no value or interpretation. This is Percy's favorite thing about her because after she reads the magazines he licks them, sometimes he doesn't even wait until she's done.

11. She has very strange sleeping habits. She wakes up a bajillion times in the night, but it's ok because she pets us when she does. Sometimes she goes days without sleeping, we tell her to just take a nap already but she says she just can't. She also has times when she wakes up all cold and sweaty screaming and crying from something daddy calls night terrors. We all have to run and let her pet us so she can forget what made her so scared and fall back asleep. She even sees things that aren't there, she'll jump up from trying to fall asleep and make daddy look for whatever she saw until she realizes it wasn't real. I looked it up on Wikipedia, it's called hypogognic hallucinations. She has a real hard time sleeping after that happens.

12. Right now she's on a diet because she doesn't exactly fit into her wedding dress, but she believes it will happen. We like to help out by doing bad things and getting her to chase us.

13. She always puts us first and makes sure we're taken care of. She buys us the best food she can find, always brings home toys, grows us grass and nip. She's just the bestest most greatest mom we could ever ask for and we love her very much.


PS. We will update with a picfurof mom later.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Seven Random Facts About Us

We got tagged! Our friends Skeeter & LC tagged us for the "Seven Random Facts About Me" meme. (Thanks!)

The rules: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment that they have been
tagged and to read your blog!


1. I have a foot fetish! I love toes! I love to bite toes and ankles! I nibble them gently but mom says it tickles. And it's weird.

2. I sleep in the kitchen almost all the time. I also help mommy cook and help dad wash the dishes. See? My sisfur is under the door.

3. When I go to wash my foot I don't sit down and hold my leg up, I lay on my back and bring my foot to my mouth like a bear.

4. I can't resist a tail. If anyone moves their tail at all I must swat them.

5. I like to reach for things I want. If you were just out of reach and I wanted you to pet me, I'd roll onto my back and very slowly stretch out my paw to you over and over until you pet me.

6. Just after mom and dad got me, mom had a bad fall and got a concussion. I was by her side while she was assigned to bed rest. I haven't slept in mom and dad's bed since.

7. I like to take the rubber bands off the cabinet in the bathroom that is banded for our safety and hide them.


1. I am smart. I totally understand doors and other complicated things. I like to figure things out and I'm learning to do tricks. So far I can sit when they tell me to. I get treats. Speaking of treats,

2. I am treat obsessed. I will run for miles when I hear a treat bag open. Also, I inhale my treats so I can attempt to steal the other kitties' treats when it's treat time.

3. My nose is perfectly heart-shaped. I have the softest sweetest mew which I use in long sentences composed of lots of short mews.

4. I am a momma's boy. Every day when mommy gets home, I run to great her so she can pick me up and tell me how pretty I am, give me a kiss and put me down. On days when I have other things to do, I let her pick me up, but as soon as she does I kiss her so that she will put me down. I also come to her in the mornings and nibble her hand if she doesn't pet me right away.

5. I use my paws to investigate everything. You will often find me pawing new things I find and concentrating very hard to figure out what they are and if they need to die. My favorite things to paw and kill are shoes.

6. I love bouncy balls and will run towards the bounce whenever I hear the sound.

7. Most of the time I just wrassle with my two sisters. I prefer to wrassle with Abbie because Emily bunny kicks my face. However, when Percy and I wrassle, it's for dominance and mom and dad always break up the wrasslin'.


1. I pray all the time. Before meals I pray that it's extra good. I pray that I can get out the windows and get the birds. Whenever I want anything, I get on my hind legs and put my front paws together and pray.

2. Eliot won't wrassle with me much anymore because every time he does, I go right into bunny kicks. I even scratched his eye once and he had to go to the vet to get the green stuff in his eye.

3. When we get new food, I sniff, then I get some on my paw and try it.

4. I almost never meow. The only times I meow are when I'm really unhappy (like at the vet when she puts her hand in places that it doesn't belong) or mostly I meow to compete with Abbie when mommy's making dinner. I have to tell mom I want some too. I whimper and
whine, but I hardly ever meow.

5. I wake mommy up at least twice a night to get pets. I used to try to wake daddy up, but he's a super sound sleeper. She wakes up and rubs my head a little. It's not much, but it's better than nothing. I also sit with my mom when she takes her bath at night, we gossip about boys!

6. I try to bury my food in the carpet after I finish eating. So far, this has not worked well.

7. I go crazy for the whirly-bird. I do flips off the bed. I'd do anything to catch it and I growl when I finally get it and someone tries to take it from me. I would break my neck to finally get that stupid bird on a string. I also go nuts for the laser light and run to daddy when I hear him pick it up.

1. I am a jealous cat. When we snuggle on the weekends with mom and dad, if someone else is getting more attention, my leg starts to twitch, I meow real loud, then I go to put the dominate bite on whoever is getting more pets.

2. If you scratch my back behind my tail, I scrunch up my face and if you keep doing it, I have to wash my shoulders until you stop. I don't know why, I just have to.

3. I have a very loud and obnoxious meow. I don't use it very often, but when I do, you better pay attention to me.

4. I love to lay on pants. I refuse to lay on any other article of clothing, but if you leave pants anywhere where I can lay then it is time for a nap.

5. For the first 8 months after mom and dad got me I almost never left the bedroom. I slept on daddy's legs all night and he couldn't move. Now I mainly hang out in the front room, I love my condo...

6. I have inverted nipples.

7. I lick glossy magazines. I recently licked a hole in one of dad's school publications because I licked for so long. Mom and dad hate this, but when they turn their backs I look for something to lick.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

5 Reasons We Love Our Mommy - By Eliot

Hi everybody! Sorry we haven't posted fur a while, everything around here has been very busy. Dad got something called a duh-gree and he had to dress up like a wizzard. What's a wizzard? It must be funny because it made mommy laugh. (He did look pretty funny though.)

So today is Mo-furs Day! I talked to Emily and Percy and Abbie and we came up with five reasons we love mommy!

1. Mommy gives us food--she makes sure we get the good kind that won't hurt kitties, even though I heard that isn't easy now.

2. Mommy gives Emily pets, even when it's dark outside and she headbumps her hand when she's sleeping.

3. Mommy fixes Percy's booboos, even though he doesn't want to take the icky medisins.

4. Abbie says she loves Mommy cause she puts up with her toe nibbles and even says that's cute!

5. I think Mommy has the best tummy to make biscuits on, and she always lets me knead her, no matter what.

We have the bestest Mommy efur!!! Happy Mo-furs Day!

Eliot, Emily, Percy and Abbie

PS. I know we've been tagged, we will answer tomorrow, we wanted to honor Mommy today.