Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tummy Tuesday.

I'm feeling a little chubby lately, does anyone have any good diet tips so I can get ready for 'kini season.
Mom has been hogging the computer, she's says she's preparing for some stupid test that could change all our lives. I just want to spend more time reading your blogs so I can maybe find a boyfriend for the summer. Please be patient, I'll be a much better commenter as soon as mommy takes that dumb test and I can use the pooter.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday 13 Edition 3

Mom and dad are leaving us tonight to drive up to Virginia for some law school stuff for mom. They will only be gone one night but we will miss them lots. So this week all the cats Stephens will be participating in the Thursday Thirteen. I'll go first...

13 Things the Cats Stephens Do to Keep them Occupied While Mom and Dad are Away for a Night.
1. Sleep on mom's pillow
2. Play with bouncy balls, roll a few under the fridge so dad has something to do when he gets home
3. Scratch the arm rests of the computer chair so they know I'm not happy about being left
4. Defend myself against Emily's attacks
5. Look out the window for mom and dad to come home

10. Sleep in daddy's spot to keep it nice and warm for him
11. Keep watch out the bedroom window for intruders and mom and dad's car
12. Hide under the bed when Emily attacks Eliot (I want no part of kitten play)
13. Keep a close eye on the water fountain to make sure it works properly

6. Curl up in bed and watch animal planet
7. Patrol the house for buggies and rip their little legs off if I find one so mom and dad can see my kill when they get home
8. Tackle and bunny kick Eliot
9. Attack the evil shower curtain (don't tell mom and dad, I blame that on Percy and Eliot)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Monday, January 22, 2007

Thump-thump-thump and nip

What a weekend we have had! Friday night, the super-loud lady who listens to thump-thump-thump music REAL LOUD and makes our ears hurt had another one of her parties. Mom and dad went on a date - a date is when a mom and dad go someplace without the kitties - and got home just before 10pm to find a car in their marked parking spot. Dad wrote up a little note telling the person with nice pleases and thank-yous to please use the visitors' spots and if there are not any on this side of the complex then there are usually some on the other side. Well, at 10:20 there was this awful beating on the door and the thump-thump lady was yelling "I know you're in there, hello? ANSWER THE DOOR!" Momma and daddy were already getting ready for bed and were in their jammies. Daddy got dressed and mommy picked me up (Percy and Eliot ran under the bed when the lady started knocking cuz they're scaredy cats) while the lady yelled at them about how rude it was to her "companies" to leave a note on their car. Mom told the lady that she didn't know who the car belonged to. The lady told her she should have knocked on her door and asked, so mom said "I'm not going to knock on everyone's door at 10 o'clock at night to find out who is parked in my spot." The lady started to get real mad and dad told mom to be quiet, and things just got worse until the lady threw the note at dad and left. Mom called the apartment beans and complained about her, for all the things that she has been doing since she moved there. She has these parties at least once a month where she invites so many people over, they take up all the visitors spaces and then start taking people's spaces. And the music is just terrible. When we have other kitties over, we make sure that their humans use the right parking spaces, and we turn down animal planet after 10pm. The apartment beans told mom that they would send the thump-thump lady some letters regarding the complaints they have received about her, but that she should also file a police report for harassment - after two police reports have been filed she can get a restraining order. I just can't believe the lady came up and yelled so much because her guests parked in mom's spot - I mean, how rude.

We spent a lot of family time together this weekend. Mom has been having a hard time lately with how people treat her here, she says they aren't very nice. So on Saturday we all came out to the front room and did some nip - here are the pictures...

Pink fuzzy thing must die!


Percy is so wasted. He loves his favorite ball.

After mom and dad put away the flashy box, Eliot and I had a heck of a wrestling match - mom and dad made us stop though. We were just having fun.

Well, I got buggies to chase and a tunnel to run through.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Furrrrocious Furry Friday

Don't I look like a bad mf (mister furry)? This is my mean face that I put on to play with mice. I'm practicing in case I ever see a real one so I can protect the mommy. I'm really just a loveable furball though, I swear!


Thursday, January 18, 2007


We have been working furry, furry hard to make our site awesome - please excuse any blunders for a bit. (Ok, so just me and Eliot have been working hard - Percy has been sleeping.)


Thursday 13: Edition 2

Here I am in my really fun crinkle tunnel that my grandma gave me. It's super fun. I like it when mom and dad throw toys in it, or when they tease me with a feather while I'm in it. I also like to sneak in there and peek out the peep hole in the middle and scare Eliot. It's my favorite place to hide right now. I still sleep in my high-rise condo though - I find the view relaxing. So in honor of my super fun awesome tunnel, I'm going to list the funnest things to do ever for our Thursday 13.

Emily's 13 Funnest Things to Do Ever!

1. Sit on Percy and make him mad
2. Play with the fun circle the comes with the milk jug
3. Run through my tunnel really fast so it makes the crinkle noise
4. Hide in the tunnel and attack people as they walk by
5. Play with the big bird feathers
6. Watch the birdies through the window or on Planet's Funniest Animals (I love to watch TV)
7. Walk across the lappy top while momma is working on her law school essays
8. Stalk Eliot and bunny kick him shortly after attack
9. Try to open the cabinets in the kitchen just as mom and dad are falling asleep
10. Look for buggies, eat the medium sized ones, paw at the little ones and follow the big ones around
11. Chase Eliot up the cat tree
12. Run from the front room to the back room a million times as fast as I can
13. Sleep in the middle of mom and dad and get lots of pets at 4am (this is really good when it's cold)

Ooh, there's a buggie - gotta go.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tuesday ... Toesday

The paparazzi is exhausting when you're gorgeous!!!

-Percilious Percy

I'm Snoopy...

I have been furry, furry busy. Yesterday, our neighbor, the super grumpy man, was playing in the shed behind the apartment building - I'd tell you what he was doing, but I'm a snoop, not a tattle tail. But I did watch everything he did.

Momma says I have been driving Eliot up the wall - really all I do is chase him up the tree - it would be awesome if he went up the wall though.

- Emily

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I hate the flashy box

When mommy uses that flashy thing on us, she ought to give us more warning. It's so bright! I mean, what IS the flashy box anyway? I look confused, and am confused. They keep carrying the flashy box around with them everywhere lately and point it at us constantly. Poor Emily just walks around all squinty eyed now. It's a menace. I'm calling a family meeting.
-- Eliot

Friday, January 12, 2007

Fluffy Friday!!!

Hi effurryone! I'm Eliot. My brother and sister call me the mama's boy, but that's ok. I do love my mama. I can't wait until she gets home from work everyday and I run and lay down on her chest while she tells me how special I am. I'm the lover of the group, you can pet me anytime and I will soak it up and purr for you. I would never brag, but I'm told I'm the smartest of the Cats Stephens. I understand doors, though I can't open round knob ones no matter how hard I try, I learned how to get the rubberbands off the cabinets so I could open them and I even learned that mom won't put me down until I give her a kiss, so when she picks me up, I give her a kiss immediately so she'll put me down. Even though I came to my mom and dad with my brother Percy, I'm best furriends with Emily. Percy is grumpy and wants to sleep most of the time while Emily and I play chase and wrassle games. My favorite spot is at the tip top of our 6 foot cat tree, so I can look down on everything and observe and learn. I love to play with bouncy balls and will come running from 3 rooms away if I hear one bounce. Recently, and to mom and dad's dismay, I have discovered the wonders of toilet paper and went through 3 whole rolls all by myself (you're supposed to unwind it and tear it up all over the bathroom). My biggest vice is cat treats, I will do anything, anything for a treat! I even try so hard to steal my brother and sister's treats too, mom and dad have to watch close to make sure we all get the same amount. I also like to be the first one to use the kitty box after it's cleaned and the first one to grab a nibble when we eat. I'm not really the Alpha cat though, but Percy and I have had some issues with that. I just like to use the freshly cleaned box before it's dirty again!

Recently my mom and dad have been talking about getting another fluffy kitty like me. There's been a cat at the local no kill shelter for 6 months that mom has been in love with. They see all the homes on the cat blogs that have four, and they seem to be the happiest. Emily is very objected to the idea of another Stephens but I think it would be nice to have another furry sister. How many brothers and sisters do you have? Is four too many?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday 13: Edition 1

13 of my favorite places to sleep:
1. Under the bed
2. By the drinking fountain.
3. In the window seat.
4. By daddy's feet at the big computer.
5. On top of the white blanket on the bed.
6. On top of the white blanket that is on top of Daddy's legs while he is sleeping.
7. On top of Mommy's legs while she is napping. (She uses a stupid blanket my claws get stuck in.)
8. Inbetween Mommy and Daddy while they sleep.
9. In Mommy's spot when she is not home. (It will be all mine one day!)
10. On top of daddy's side when he won't pay attention to me.
11. With my big ball in the front room.
12. In the bathroom, in front of the sink.
13. On top of daddy's head when he snores.

-Percy (the Percilicious)

Furst Post

Hello effurrybody. I'm Emily, the youngest of the cats Stephens. My brothers and I love reading all the cat blogs online so much, we decided to try it ourselves.
I'm not really sure what to write here. I like to chase my brother Eliot a lot, he's my best furriend. I like to sit on my brother Percy because it makes him mad. There's this other cat that's here but I'm not too sure about it. It smells funny, like the stuff my toys are made out of except it looks just like a cat. I get very angry at her and hiss and strike when she comes out.
Well, that's all for my first post. I hope I make lots of internet furriends out there.
-Emily the Awesomest!