Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Camera Raffle

Hi effurrybody! We have the results of the CFHF Camera Raffle!

Abbie was so excited to be picking the winner...

..but she got bored with it and decided to go play with Eliot.

So I got to pick the winner!

I dug deep...

... and pulled out a lucky ticket!

It smells like catnip!

THANK YOU to everybody who donated to the cause! If you didn't come from there, then please visit CFHF today to see who won! Keep checking back, we will have a new fundraiser soon...



Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Percy Goes Orange

My family decided I should be our representative for ASPCA day - so I have gone orange for ASPCA day. You may think to yourself, Percy, you're already orange. But if you look very carefully you will notice I am especially orange today...

Now, I don't expect orange to look as good on you, but come on, go ORANGE for the animals.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What the V-E-T Said

I went to see a specialist about my toe. She gave mom and dad a piece of paper that has all the information about my cancer. It has a lot of big fancy words, so I'll just copy the important stuff for you.

"Percy presented for further evaluation of an incompletely excised neurofibrosarcoma. These are malignancies but rarely spread beyond the area of local growth. The problem is completely removing the cancerous cells and this is more of a problem when the lesions are on the feet and legs. These tumors can send tendrils of cells beyond the area of the original growth that complicate the removal. Since they are relatively slow growing, so they are not very sensitive to chemotherapy. You can have radiation therapy to try to clean up stray cells if further surgery is not an option. The first recommendation for tumors like this is to repeat the surgery to try to get all the affected tissue. It is important to be aggressive with the surgery to try to get all the abnormal cells since that can cure the tumor and with each successive surgery it can become more difficult to remove what is abnormal. In some cases, we eventually recommend amputation of the leg id we cannot control the mass.

I recommend Percy have surgery to amputate the affected toe in and attempt to remove all the remaining affected tissue."

On the way to vet, I wanted to show mom and dad how angry I was, so I peed all in my carrier. Guess what they did to me when I got there? THEY GAVE ME A BATH!!! If that wasn't awful enough, when I got home all my sisfurs and brofor came and sniffed me forever. I liked the vet though, she was nice. She told me that she always wanted a big fat orange cat like me, and while I resent being called fat, I can't fault her for wanting a fabulous cat like myself.

So if looks like another surgery for me. I don't want to, but I know it's best. Mom and dad are still talking about when it will happen. I don't want to lose my toe, I happen to like it very much.

Thanks for all your purrs and comments, they mean a lot.


Sunday, April 6, 2008


Hi efurrybody! This is Percy. I'm just dropping by to say thank you to Millie's mom and ML, because I got a be-yootiful Gizzy in the mail the other day. It's so pretty! It is on my favorite spot on the bed by the front window and I lay on it every day. Thank you so much for it! It's coming with me tomorrow on my V-E-T trip... ::shudder::. We are consulting with a new V-E-T that specializes in what I have. My paw still looks pretty good, still normal-sized, no signs of it getting bigger. I'll keep you posted on how everything's going. Thank you again for the Gizzy!

Mommy has been working furry hard with the new Cat Friends Helping Friends organization. Check it out here! It's a furry good organization that helps out blogging kitties when it is hard for the kitties' people to feed kitties and send them to the V-E-T too. I say just don't send them to the V-E-T and problem solved! But mommy doesn't seem to agree. Oh well.