Saturday, July 14, 2007

We're in Furginia...

Oh my gosh we have so much to tell you guys, we've been thrown in a car, had to be stuck in our cages for eight hours, Eliot figured out the lock on his PTU, we had to sleep in a hotel and then we got here. Our place is so big I haven't even finished flopping down in each spot, and there's so many windows. Mom and dad have had a few mishaps so we've been super busy purring for them. We'll post pictures in a few days when things get more settled. We can't wait for you guys to teleport over!


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We Gots Our Secret Paws

Hi kitties! Sorry we haven't posted in a while, our mom and dad got married and we've been busy sell-a-braten. But look at all this great stuff we got from our Secret Paws friend! (BTW, mom said that we should say that some lucky kitty will be getting our Secret Paws soon--we sent ours PRY or a T on Friday. I wish she knew which one so I could tell you!)

What IS this thing? *sniff sniff* it smells like... like... TREATS!


Lookit, it's from our furreind Chey and Gemini!

Look at all this STUFF!

"MOOOOM open this!!"

This purcoopine is furry good to sit with. I think it looks like a mouse too, Chey.

We also got squiggles! Thanks, DKM! Here's Eliot playing with both a squiggle and his treatie ball.

RAR! But the purcoopine is most fun when you POWNCE it!

--The Cats Stephens