Sunday, July 20, 2008

Percy Update

Hi efurrybody, Percy here. Just wanted to keep you updated on how I'm doing. My weight is doing a lot better since Mom and Dad switched me to a new kitty food that I really like. I eat food now... lots. Not throwing up any either. While I'm not looking forward to losing my toe (oh no!), I am planning to have the surgery by October to remove the toe and hopefully stop worrying about the cancer for good.

Dad is going to be starting school soon to learn how to make computers do things, but he is going to have to quit working where he's at now in order to do that. Mom and dad were worried about the expenses for my surgery, so I told them to just not worry about it and I would keep my toe. But Grandma said she was going to make me some blankets and we could raffle them off and hopefully raise some money to save up for the surgery that way. Gee thanks, Grandma. We will have pictures of the blankets and raffle details next Sunday.

That's all for now. Right now things are looking better than they have. I'm still a little scrawny (for me).