Sunday, December 28, 2008

100th Post Contest

Hi Guys!!! We've had enough sad news around the blogosphere, and we wanted to add some holiday cheer, especially with how nice effurryone was helping Percy through his surgery. We will be making our 100th post on January 1st, in honor of this milestone we have some surprises planned. The first of which is a contest. We have a major announcement for the new year - and the first person to guess this announcement will win a special blankie made by our grandma.

Rules -
1. One guess per critter per household
2. Guesses must be made in the comments of this post
3. Guesses may be made until 12 midnight, December 31st, 2008
3. One hint will be posted each day to this post, even if a someone has already guessed correctly
4. The critter that is the first to correctly guess our announcement will receive a kitty sized blanket from my grandma (pictures to be posted after she makes it)
5. Kitties who have prior knowledge of our surprise - please let everybody else have fun guessing (this includes but is not limited to Kaze, Chase and Latte)!
6. As always, we reserve the right to add to, revise, clarify or remove any of these rules at any time!

So - here is the first hint:

We're _ _ _ _ _ _/ _ _/ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in April!

Happy Guessing!


Clue #1 has to do with the first word...

Clue #2 has to do with the second word...

Monday, December 8, 2008


Hi efurrybody, Percy here. More good news! When they chopped on my toe they sent it off to be poked at. The poke doctors said that ALL the bad stuff was on the part they took off, so now only good stuff should be left on my foot. I sure am glad, because I like my foot. Right now it's not pretty so if you don't want to see, don't read any further!

Anyway, so I got a package in the mail the other day...

It had a lot of packing tape on it, so unwrapping it required some persistence...

A lot of persistence.

Okay I just got dad to open it. But he had a hard time too. But when I got it open, there was ANOTHER BOX. But there was a CATNIP TOY! I forgot about everything else

But then there were stickers, and mousies...

But then dad opened the other box, and...

And what the heck is that! It's like a tiny me.

I'm going to call it Percilla. Do you think it's a girl? I don't know, maybe it is a boy and it won't like that name.

Oh look at that! it must BE a boy. And it's got my name on it!

How weird... but very cool! Thank you Daisy Mae Maus's mom, it is the spitting image of me!

So mom and dad weren't here some of this weekend, they were on loan to The Cats P's kitties. We were so jealous! They were gone A LONG TIME. We almost had to send Eliot outside to work odd jobs so he could buy us some wet food. We were starving for hours. But then they came home and everything was fine. They say they had a very good time! I say they'd better not do that again... or else.

They won't get very far with scratched tires.

Thanks again to everyone who has sent their purrs while I am getting well after my surgery. I really really appreciate everyone who helped me!



[Percy's dad - Percy looks like he feels okay. He gets around well and the toe is starting to heal. The vet said it shouldn't affect his balance too much and it's very good that its an outside toe. He is putting all his weight on it like normal, and his appetite is good. We're very glad this is all over!]

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hi everybody. Percy here, thought you might like some pictures after my surgery. Everybody heard I was OK, but now you can see me too!

Here I am with the very nice lady V-E-T before my surgery...

Urg... me in the donut that Auntie Alison gave me. Gee thanks Auntie Alison

Me giving the paw to the donut

Weird yellow thing on my paw that MUST COME OFF

Relaxing at home and keeping an eye on the weird yellow thing

I've been watching a lot of TV and trying to get some rest. Eliot helps

Sometimes Eliot brings me some snacks. He's so helpful

Dad and I have been playing Guitar Hero to pass the time while I get better. I can only play on Easy with my paw wrapped up in the weird yellow thing.

All considered I guess things are OK. And I will be a lot better once I am all healed up and hopefully don't have to worry about my paw turning into a clubpaw again. Thank you to everyone who had a part in getting me the surgery I needed!



Friday, November 21, 2008

Surgery Day

Percy has been dropped off for his surgery - dad took pictures at the vet and we will post them later this evening.

We will keep you updated as we hear news.

We also wanted to thank all of you for your purrs, your support, for everything.

All of you made this surgery possible. Percy might not be grateful at this exact moment, but when he's not licking at his paw because it bothers him, and he's all cancer free, I'm sure he'll be very grateful.

Ann of Zoolatry made us this beautiful graphic with Percy's favorite color, green.

Thank you so much Ann! You made my mommy leaky with your kindness.

Thank you all so very much, from the very bottom of all our hearts!!!
The Cats Stephens Family

**UPDATE 1**
Surgery began at 10:30AM EST - it should last about 30 minutes. We will let you know how it goes. Please purr for Percy.

**UPDATE 2**
Percy is out of surgery, everything went well. He is currently purring up a storm, rubbing against the cage, and charming the vet techs.

**UPDATE 3**
Percy is home, hiding under the bed. He has to go back on Monday for a bandage change. Mom and dad are watching him carefully, but he seems to be doing very well and is even putting weight on his foot. He's all little drugged up right now, but said he'll make a post (with pictures) to all his furriends tomorrow.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Furgive Us?

Just a quick post - our mom has been very sick with the flu for the past two weeks so we're behind on everything - we've been busy purring on her. We have awards to give out and we still need to ship the blankets. Please furgive us?


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Raffle Winners

The winners of the Christmas blankets are:

Laura Walker (sorry we don't have a blog address for you)
Abby of Manx News

The winner of the Mommy and Me blanket is:

Gypsy and Tasha

I want to thank everyone for pawticipating - we have are very close to having enough money for my surgeries and we never could have done it without you.

I'd also like to thank my sisfur Abbie for picking the winners - pictures to come soon.

Winners of the snuggles and the blankets please email us with your address. Blankets will be mailed this weekend.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Raffle Results Coming Soon

Hi efurrybody... sorry to keep everyone who bought tickets waiting, but our parents haven't been home and they won't let us use scissors to cut out raffle tickets. Mommy got halfway through with the raffle tickets tonight, but since she got home late she can't finish tonight, so we are very sad that the results will have to wait until tomorrow.

We will have them posted as soon as possible tomorrow 10/21 after mommy and daddy get home from work, unless we can figure out where they hid the scissors.



Sunday, October 19, 2008


***Please scroll down for new posts***



In addition to our raffle the wonderful DKM was so kind in making Percy a couple of snuggles to auction off!

Updated 10/7/08: Auction Rules
1) Bids should be posted as a comment on this post so that all viewers of the site can see the most recent bid. Please include a name if you don't have a blog.
2) Valid bids are for a specific dollar amount and a specific snuggle.
3) Incremental bids can't be counted as valid, 1 bid per snuggle per comment.
4) We will do our best to update the highest bid on the main page a few times a day.
5) Highest bid posted in the comments at the end of the auction will win the snuggle.
6) Auction will close on Sunday, October 19 at 12 noon EST.
7) Only bids made before 12 noon EST on Sunday October 19th will be counted. We will go by the posted time on the comment.
These rules may be updated as we are cats and it is therefore our prerogative

Above you can see the lovely tail of the Diva Kitty, Sophia, and both beautiful fall colored snuggles.

This lovely green snuggle pictured above is called "Fall Leaves"

Winner of "Fall Leaves": $85 Skittles

The warm brown snuggle above is called "Turkey Day" and was graced with gorgeous Diva Kitty toes.

Winner of "Turkey Day": $50 Mao

Hi guys. I first want to thank effurrykitty fo all their support over the past few months. My wonderful grandma made a couple more blankets to help with green papers for my surgery. This time we're just going to have two raffles. I haven't been feeling so well with my infection, so Eliot was a nice brofur and helped model my blankets.

First - we have two Christmas kitty blankets up for raffle. These blankets have a nice red backing. It is $3 for a raffle ticket and we will have two winners.

Christmas Blanket Raffle

Next we have a set my Grandma like to call Mommy and Me - it's one large blanket for your bean and one small blanket for you. The blankets have a lovely red backing. This set is $5 per raffle ticket and winner will get both blankets.

My daddy was nice enough to pose with Eliot to show how nice and snuggly the bean blanket is - doesn't he look super cozy?

Mommy and Me Blanket Set

If you'd like to be entered into both raffles, it is $7 for a double chance raffle ticket.

Double Chance Raffle Ticket

And if you would like to donate but aren't interested in a blanket - please use the button below.

Donate to Percy's Surgery

The raffle will go on until Sunday October 19th at 10pm EST and winners will be announced by the following evening at 10pm.

Percy Stephens

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Grandpaw is Famous!!!

Hey efurryone - MY GRANDPAW is FAMOUS.

Not to brag or anything!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Goodbye Wednesday

This is our sisfur that we never got to meet... her name is Annie.

She owned my mom long before we ever knew her - she had been with my mom since she was 11 years old. My mom found her in the bushes the last Halloween trick-or-treating - she stayed the night and just never left. Annie is furry old. My mom thought long and hard about Annie when it came time to move in with my dad, but Annie never accepted change well - it often made her very sick because she stressed out so much - so my mom let her stay and live with our grandma. Grandma took wonderful care of Annie - made her eat when she didn't want to and definitely gave her a very long and full life and lots of love when my mom was not there to give it to her. Annie will go to the bridge later today. It's time, she's tired and can't walk and just wants to rest. I know someday she'll be waiting for us when it's our time to go - and we can share stories of life with mom.

My mom is very sad tonight.

Until we meet again over the rainbow bridge Annie - goodbye.


First we'd like to thank Skeezix for the lovely tribute at the top - it meant a lot to our mom.

Second, we wanted to let you know what the vet said when she came over to help Annie to the bridge - she said Annie appeared to be in severe kidney failure and also she felt several masses in her abdomen, which she suspected was probably cancer. Annie was in a lot of pain and was probably grateful to be let go - the vet said she was probably only holding on for grandma's sake.

We would very much like to thank everyone for their condolences - we are very grateful for all of you.

Emily and your other brofurs and sisfur

PS. Happy Birthday Daddy - we had a special post planned, but maybe we can do it for you next year and honor Annie this year?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mancat Monday

I have the blues.

I have to go back to the vet this morning. My mom found a lump on my head that made her all teary eyed and, as you can see, my infection isn't clearing up. What's a man cat to do when his luck is down?


Abbie here with a Percy Update: The vet said she definitely feels a lump, but she's not sure what it is. Given the fact that it is so close to the bone, she would have to sedate him in order to x-ray and biopsy. Since Percy's infection is clearing up, the vet said that Percy could schedule his surgery and during his surgery she could x-ray and, if necessary, biopsy the new bump. Unfortunately this will add to the cost of his current surgery. There is a chance this is simply inflammation and the bump could clear up on it's own; mom and dad scheduled the surgery for Friday, November 21 to allow for this. Please keep us in your purrs.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I like to sleep on the couch on dreary days - that way if a bird happens to stop by the feeder I won't miss it.

Mom gave me a pawdicure - see my pretty pink nails. I don't like it much - it's so hard to get my claws into things now.

Of course we can't have a toesday without mentioning Percy. Percy's lump has begun to grow back, we had the surgery scheduled for October 24 but have since had to take the surgery off the books. Percy has acne that has gotten infected and they don't want to do the surgery until his infection clears up. At this point mom is hoping to get the surgery in right before Thanksgiving so she can stay home and keep an eye on him. Grandma made more blankets to try to help close the gap between what my mom and dad have saved and what we earned. They haven't been able to save much more as mom has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease and has had to go to the doctor a lot lately and get lots of new medicines. Hopefully we'll have a raffle up this weekend or next. We really want to thank everyone for their purrs for Percy - please keep your paws crossed that we're able to clear up his infection and get him that surgery before his paw gets any bigger.

Abbie No (that's apparently my middle name - mom and dad call me that all the time)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Until We Meet Again Sweet Pixie

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our friend, and Daisy's beloved sisfur, Pixie.

Daisy, our thoughts and purrs are with your family and we're all going to share a bananer just as soon as we find one.

The Cats Stephens

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fluffy Friday

I love my brofur - he's fun to lay next to, give and get baths from and most of all he's fun to wrestle. We're two of a kind - being that we're both fluffy and adorable.

We have thought long and hard and debated over it, and these are our decisions in who to give our award to only four cats, since there's only four of us (sorry for breaking the rules). We just wanted to be fair and give everyone their say...

1. Eliot selected The Cats P
2. I selected Grr, Midnight and Cocoa (and Riley, and Max, and Rascal)
3. Percy selected Skeezix
4. Emily selected Shamy and the gang at Katnippia


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Oh WOWIE-WOW-WOW!!! I'm so excited! We gots an award from the Fluff & Fur gang (I wonder if they would let me and Eliot join since we're extra floofie?)

Here are the rules:
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

We need to think and vote about who we're going to give this too and post 7 names tomorrow. Stay Tuned...


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Goodbye Roscoe

We are so sad to learn about Roscoe going to the bridge. We were purring so hard for him and his family. We still have his family in our thoughts and purrs as they deal with their sudden loss.

The Cats Stephens