Monday, March 24, 2008

I am OK for now...

... but do I LOOK OK to you?! This was about a couple weeks ago. Oh, it's been terrible! First they covered up my paw and I couldn't really walk straight cos of the thing covering my paw up, and that was all right because I just figured out how to unwrap my paw and everything was okay except my paw freakin' hurt, and there was all these little blue strings I couldn't pull off of where my cancer was, &c. But then dad kept covering and recovering my paw, but I'd just wait til they left and shake my foot and bite the covering until it came off, so that was all right, but THEN dad took me back to the V-E-T and they super-covered my paw so that no matter how much licking I did, I couldn't pull off the covering. And then worst of all--DAD WRAPPED MY HEAD IN PLASTIC. I know! Mom made him take it off cos she said it was not nice. It was awful.

Anyway, they uncovered my paw and took the strings out and my footsie feels a lot better than it did. My paws are the same size again! Yay!

Mom and Dad made an appointment for me at a new V-E-T in a couple weeks, so I'm not out of the woods yet--still more having to go outside. But at least it's not cold out anymore, and I'm kind of getting used to it. There's birds.

I just want to thank everyone for your cards and purrs and everything you have all said and done for me and my family. We are really grateful for all of you beans and kitties. Mom and Dad and me will post some more specifics later, we just wanted to update you on everything that has been going on since everyone has been stopping by and saying hi. With my paw so hurty, it's hard to type those keys, and Mom and Dad are so busy, but we owe lots of people some big thank yous and to everyone who has stopped by and left purrs we do want to say we really appreciate the support you've given.



Friday, March 14, 2008

Furious Friday

EDIT: Thank you all so much for the flood of support! We are grateful to be a part of a community so full of nice kitties and beans. As for the V-E-T, me and my family are grateful we will not have to deal with her anymore. I wish I could tell each of you how much I really appreciate all the kind words. Thank you to Daisy, The Taylor Catssss, the Zoolatry kitties' mom, Skeezix and everyone for everything you have said and done for us, it has really been a comfort. --Percy

I'm ok - I'm getting lots of rest. I have my own room and I don't have share my food or litterbox with any of my brofurs or sisfurs. I'm a little lonely, but I get tons of attention when mom and dad get home from day hunting. They have been sad and I don't really understand why.

Percy's Mom here - unfortunately the news from the vet has not been good and we're not taking it very well. The biopsy came back as non-metastasized nerve sheath sarcoma. After we were told this, we got the worst news of all, she did not remove all the tumor in the first surgery. She anticipates the tumor to regrow and he will likely lose two of his toes. We are in the process of getting a second opinion. We are also incredibly furious. We wanted to chose the path of the least amount of vet visits for our boy. He hates the vet and gets so very upset. So when faced with our options to biopsy, then move forward or to go ahead and remove all the lump then biopsy, we opted to remove all of the lump then biopsy. We understood at the time this meant he may lose a toe. We were so relieved when he was able his toe and she didn't tell us until she let us know what his biopsy results were that she had failed to remove all of the tumor. We're furious and devastated that this is just the beginning of things to come for our boy. I'm not really sure what to think of the vet at this point, did she just make a bad decision that was completely opposite of how she told us she would proceed, did she assume it wasn't cancer so she tried to keep his toe? If that was going to be the case maybe she shouldn't have pressured us into surgery so quickly and have disclosed more to us before we put him through this. We made our decision based on the fact that regardless of what the lump was, it could have grown back and caused him discomfort, so I wanted it completely removed, in one swoop. At the same time I really can't help but feel she's a little greedy, she charged us for quite a few extras that were never listed on the quote, and however necessary they were, it seems that she should have included them as they were completely foreseeable. We have our Emily on a very expensive asthma treatment and we didn't really flinch in front of the vet when faced with the cost of the surgery - in some ways I kind of feel as though she's trying to take advantage of the fact that we want what is best for our cats regardless of cost. All I really know, is we need a new vet, and the next few months will be full of difficult decisions. Please keep my boy in your thoughts and we will keep you posted as much as we can. Thank you for all your purrs, I wish I had better news.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Mancat Monday

1. If you didn't see me in the previous post, I like to sleep in the bed. IN the bed. Literally, inside mom and dad's old bed. I ripped a hole in the underside and crawl into the empty space between the box springs and the bottom of the bed. It's like my own kittie hammock. I scared mommy and daddy real bad the first time I did this because they couldn't find me anywhere. hehe

2. I meow really loudly when mom or dad is in the shower. They like water! It's weird and upsetting.

3. I meow really loudly period. Like other cats times ten.

4. I like to grab you if you're not paying me any attention. But I do it very slowly, so you can dodge if you don't want me to scratch you. I don't want to hurt you... I just need your attention.

5. I am the biggest cat in the house, but I am the scardiest. Emily, Abbie, and Eliot all chase me and I just run and never fight back because I'm a scardy cat. But don't tell them that, it'll only make it worse!

6. I lick glossy magazines. I lick them until I tear a hole in the page and eat little pieces of paper. I'm not sure why I do this. I just look down sometimes and there is a big hole in a glossy magazine. It's never a book or a newspaper. Just glossy magazines. It's kind of creepy. I have no idea why my tongue does that. I guess it thinks color pictures are tasty.

7. One of my toes is bigger than all the others. We don't know why and I heard mom and dad say I was going to the V-E-T on Friday to make it go away. I'm scared.



[Dad here. Percy will have surgery for a bump on his toe on Friday. They may have to amputate his toe at worst. Let's hope it's nothing that serious. There is a possibility they can just take off the bump. Best case is it's something that won't grow back. It doesn't seem to be hurting him, but it doesn't seem comfortable either. At least it will be over soon!]