Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday 13: Edition 3

Percy and Eliot went to the vet without me tonight. Why?! I wanted to go, but mommy and daddy made me get out of the box-with-a-door. But Percy said it was scary so I guess its good I didn't go! He made a Thursday 13 so everyone knows to run when your beans bring out the boxes!

13 things about the Vet
  1. Mom and dad trick you into getting in the box with doors with a treat. I fall for it every time! I was so mad this time.

  2. You have to get in the car. I hate the car!

  3. The whole vet place smells like scaredy cat.

  4. There's a big cat there, and we're stuck in a cage, but it gets to just walk around.

  5. The lady pets you a lot and right when you think you like her, she stings you.

  6. Then they hold you down and stick something under your tail, in your booty!

  7. The lady flashes a really bright light at you, so bright you have to close your eyes.

  8. The vet lady sticks a big long thing down your ear... I tried to squirm and get away but they got it all the way down there anyway.

  9. They put you on your back and poke at your belly.

  10. The vet lady feels all your guts--it felt so weird! It made me twitch.

  11. The lady called me fat and said I had to go on a diet.

  12. They mess up your fur: I still have vet smell on me, I can't get clean!

  13. The worst part is, when you go with Eliot, he gets nervous and gassy and farts all stinky the whole time, the car ride there, in the waiting room, in the vet's room, and the car ride back!
Dang, Percy, that sucks! I remember going to the vet last time; I went by myself. It wasn't fun, but it sounds like he had it worse than I did. At least they didn't call me fat!



Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tummy Tuesday - What I did today

At 6:30 I woke up, cause mommy's alarm rang and daddy moved and made me get off his feets. I got up and ate, and patiently waited until both of them were gone, and went back to sleep.

At 9:00 I got up and ate. I rolled the ball around a little bit, the I went back to sleep. This time, on the ball rolly thing.

At 12:00 mommy came home! I got some pets, and when she took a little nap I took one with her, on her feet.

At 1:00 she left. I kept her spot warm.

At 3:00 Eliot chased me off the bed! How rude! I'm still angry. I ate some food, and waited for Emily to chase him, then I went back to sleep.

At 5:00 mommy and daddy came home! I got pets, and went to sleep by Daddy's feet under the computer desk.

It's a busy life.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Happy Valentine's to all you kitties!

Emily and I made some very special Valentines for some very special cats...

Here's the one Emily made for Shamy:

Emily says she thinks she and Shamy matched so nicely at the Valentine's party--and he was a "jennelcat"!

I made one for Lucy!

She was so pretty last night that I just had to give her a lick, even though I was so anxious about it.

Hope everyone's having the bestest V-day ever--


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tummy Tuesday (kind of, I roll over really fast and it's hard to get a good shot!)

Hi effurryone!
Mama's test went fine she said, much better than last time when she lost all her thoughts and came back crying. However it's still a waiting for the score game - keep those paws crossed.
Emily and I are very much looking forward to our Valentine dates tonight. Percy will be staying home with his favorite ball. He's just not into the whole Valentine thing, hasn't found the right girl.
A word to lucy, I know I look a little wide in the photo beside, but I promise I am just fluffy. I've combed out my fur really good for you.
Emily went to the vet yesterday (she had a worm but it's all gone now, don't worry Shamy!) She wasn't feeling very good last night but tonight she's all kinds of excited about her furst date.
Thanks for all your good thoughts for my mom's exam, she really 'preciates it. See you kitties tonight!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Mommy's test

Mommy is taking her LSAT tomorrow! I don't really know what it is, but she says it's really really important. We just all wanted to say good luck to our mommy, not that she is going to need it, cause she is the best mommy in the world and she's going to do great!

We love you!

--Emily, Eliot, Percy

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tuesday ... Toesday

I was just sitting on top of my tree dreaming about my Valentine...

Mom asked me to show off my toes for my new man...

I was a little shy at fisrt, but I guess so...

These are my back toes, I like to call my pads lavendar.

These are my front toes, aren't they nice and dainty?

Wanna hold paws?



Monday, February 5, 2007

Man Cat Monday featuring Percy the Tutor!

Hi effurryone - Percy here. We have been furry busy. Our mom is taking the LSAT on Saturday and we have been trying to keep her on track with her studying. Eliot has been helping me keep her on track as you can see, while Emily worries if any cat will ask her to be their Valentine. Please don't mind the unmade bed - there's no time for such non sense when she should be preparing every spare second. As you can see from the picture below I take my job as tutor the most serious.

I can't believe she's taking pictures when she should be studying!
Anyway, we're sorry we haven't been around so much. Emily wanted me to make sure all the boy cats knew she was still available for the big Valentine's party - as of now she's still going with Eliot. Eliot would like a nice girl cat to take but he's so shy.

So wish my mom lots of luck for Saturday and know that after that the Cats Stephens will be back with a growl!