Sunday, December 28, 2008

100th Post Contest

Hi Guys!!! We've had enough sad news around the blogosphere, and we wanted to add some holiday cheer, especially with how nice effurryone was helping Percy through his surgery. We will be making our 100th post on January 1st, in honor of this milestone we have some surprises planned. The first of which is a contest. We have a major announcement for the new year - and the first person to guess this announcement will win a special blankie made by our grandma.

Rules -
1. One guess per critter per household
2. Guesses must be made in the comments of this post
3. Guesses may be made until 12 midnight, December 31st, 2008
3. One hint will be posted each day to this post, even if a someone has already guessed correctly
4. The critter that is the first to correctly guess our announcement will receive a kitty sized blanket from my grandma (pictures to be posted after she makes it)
5. Kitties who have prior knowledge of our surprise - please let everybody else have fun guessing (this includes but is not limited to Kaze, Chase and Latte)!
6. As always, we reserve the right to add to, revise, clarify or remove any of these rules at any time!

So - here is the first hint:

We're _ _ _ _ _ _/ _ _/ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in April!

Happy Guessing!


Clue #1 has to do with the first word...

Clue #2 has to do with the second word...

Monday, December 8, 2008


Hi efurrybody, Percy here. More good news! When they chopped on my toe they sent it off to be poked at. The poke doctors said that ALL the bad stuff was on the part they took off, so now only good stuff should be left on my foot. I sure am glad, because I like my foot. Right now it's not pretty so if you don't want to see, don't read any further!

Anyway, so I got a package in the mail the other day...

It had a lot of packing tape on it, so unwrapping it required some persistence...

A lot of persistence.

Okay I just got dad to open it. But he had a hard time too. But when I got it open, there was ANOTHER BOX. But there was a CATNIP TOY! I forgot about everything else

But then there were stickers, and mousies...

But then dad opened the other box, and...

And what the heck is that! It's like a tiny me.

I'm going to call it Percilla. Do you think it's a girl? I don't know, maybe it is a boy and it won't like that name.

Oh look at that! it must BE a boy. And it's got my name on it!

How weird... but very cool! Thank you Daisy Mae Maus's mom, it is the spitting image of me!

So mom and dad weren't here some of this weekend, they were on loan to The Cats P's kitties. We were so jealous! They were gone A LONG TIME. We almost had to send Eliot outside to work odd jobs so he could buy us some wet food. We were starving for hours. But then they came home and everything was fine. They say they had a very good time! I say they'd better not do that again... or else.

They won't get very far with scratched tires.

Thanks again to everyone who has sent their purrs while I am getting well after my surgery. I really really appreciate everyone who helped me!



[Percy's dad - Percy looks like he feels okay. He gets around well and the toe is starting to heal. The vet said it shouldn't affect his balance too much and it's very good that its an outside toe. He is putting all his weight on it like normal, and his appetite is good. We're very glad this is all over!]