Monday, June 23, 2008


Hi Guys,

It's me, Eliot. I'm here to update you on my brofur. First please excuse the mess behind me, we moved to a house recently and we love it! Windows galore and we can sit in them as much as we want - it's pawsome. We'll have more pics soon I promise. Grandma and Grandpa were here to help us move - and mom and dad have been super busy at work. We're hoping things will slow down the middle of next month.

Well, the Percy situation isn't good, but it might not be bad. He's going to see a new regular vet (not his cancer surgery vet) this Friday. Since his surgery in April he's lost 4.5 pounds. Mom got a good glimpse of him the other day and just started crying because he was so thin. I can't even call him fat boy anymore. The good news is the vet that will do his surgery in October really doesn't think it's cancer related. On Friday they will probably steal his bloods to learn more. The bright side is that dad thinks he maybe just didn't like his food. We got a sample bag of Purina Naturals and while mom was packing up our room to move Percy got in and ripped the bag open. He's very interested in food still, he just stopped eating so much of his. The more bad news is he has been barfing a lot lately - it's gross, but he has always been a little barfy because he inhales his food. Mom and dad went and bought a big bag of the Purina and Percy has been eating more. He isn't acting sick - he's more playful than ever. Dad is hoping that maybe he was sick of his old food and was suddenly more active and maybe that caused him to drop the pounds - better safe than sorry though.

We will keep you guys posted but for now I need to go snuggle with my brofur. Thanks for all your well wishes.