Monday, January 22, 2007

Thump-thump-thump and nip

What a weekend we have had! Friday night, the super-loud lady who listens to thump-thump-thump music REAL LOUD and makes our ears hurt had another one of her parties. Mom and dad went on a date - a date is when a mom and dad go someplace without the kitties - and got home just before 10pm to find a car in their marked parking spot. Dad wrote up a little note telling the person with nice pleases and thank-yous to please use the visitors' spots and if there are not any on this side of the complex then there are usually some on the other side. Well, at 10:20 there was this awful beating on the door and the thump-thump lady was yelling "I know you're in there, hello? ANSWER THE DOOR!" Momma and daddy were already getting ready for bed and were in their jammies. Daddy got dressed and mommy picked me up (Percy and Eliot ran under the bed when the lady started knocking cuz they're scaredy cats) while the lady yelled at them about how rude it was to her "companies" to leave a note on their car. Mom told the lady that she didn't know who the car belonged to. The lady told her she should have knocked on her door and asked, so mom said "I'm not going to knock on everyone's door at 10 o'clock at night to find out who is parked in my spot." The lady started to get real mad and dad told mom to be quiet, and things just got worse until the lady threw the note at dad and left. Mom called the apartment beans and complained about her, for all the things that she has been doing since she moved there. She has these parties at least once a month where she invites so many people over, they take up all the visitors spaces and then start taking people's spaces. And the music is just terrible. When we have other kitties over, we make sure that their humans use the right parking spaces, and we turn down animal planet after 10pm. The apartment beans told mom that they would send the thump-thump lady some letters regarding the complaints they have received about her, but that she should also file a police report for harassment - after two police reports have been filed she can get a restraining order. I just can't believe the lady came up and yelled so much because her guests parked in mom's spot - I mean, how rude.

We spent a lot of family time together this weekend. Mom has been having a hard time lately with how people treat her here, she says they aren't very nice. So on Saturday we all came out to the front room and did some nip - here are the pictures...

Pink fuzzy thing must die!


Percy is so wasted. He loves his favorite ball.

After mom and dad put away the flashy box, Eliot and I had a heck of a wrestling match - mom and dad made us stop though. We were just having fun.

Well, I got buggies to chase and a tunnel to run through.



THE ZOO said...

we muved owt of owr partment after 13 years (it was huge too at 1700 sq) because the peeps moving in were gettin crazier & crazier. the gud peeps all muved owt then the manager gotted fired. horray, her kids were the wurst in the partments. we just couldnt taked it anymore. wes understand what yoos goin thru.

Mr. Hendrix said...

I love, love, love your site!!! Mommy wants to update mine, she just needs to get it done! My uncle had these problems and he did call the police. After enough police reports (and a restraining order) the apartment owning beans kicked them out!!! It took about 6 months. He called for every party, every knock on the door (and they fought a lot so he called on that every time). Good luck!
The beans were nice to spend good nip time with you. Be nice to your mommy! They works hard to get stinky goodness for you.
Love the ferocious face! Those mices will be so scared if you ever meet one (mommy hopes I never do because that will mean it is in the house. Eeeeek!)

Daisy said...

I am very sad that such a mean lady lives near you!

LZ said...

That reminds me of our days of apartment living. I hated the man who lived down stairs who chain smoked and was literally crazy. He played the thump-thump music so loud that at 4 in the morning you couldn't sleep. I'm sorry about the upstairs woman...there are lots of stupid humans in the world.


Lux said...

I've heard it's awful when you live near someone who's crazy like that. It's a good thing your mom and dad have you all to make her smile again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.

World of Animals, Inc. said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful weekend. Percy, you look like you are ready for a long cat nap. That catnip really gets you kitties tired. Great seeing you all having a great time with your toys. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful week ahead.
World of Animals