Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Daddy Edition

Well, we're a week behind, but this week our TT is about DADDY!!!

1. Daddy works at a fort, the biggest fort in the whole country. He does data entry and is not allowed to play with the guns.

2. Daddy just got a duh-gree in English from the University of South Carolina. He gots all dressed up like Harry Potter to get it for some reason.

3. Daddy grew up in a teeny tiny town. He lived in a trailer! That's kind of like a shoebox, but not as nice or fun. Mom pretends he didn't.

4. He's in a club with the President. He says he means the last lej-it-amit president, whatever that means. It's called Fi betta cappa. Is that like betta fish?

5. He's too thin to give blood.

6. But he played football. Kind of.

7. Now that he graduated, he is happy that he will actually have time to read all the things that he was supposed to read for class.

8. His favorite writer is Terry Pratchett, who he says is a science fiction and fantasy writer. I don't think he read that in a class.

9. A little while ago he left us FOR A WHOLE MONTH to go to Cambridge to study. He said he kept looking for "Hawking". I think he meant some kinda bird. He got to come home early because he couldn't take any toothpaste on his plane.

10. Emily thinks his lap is great. She likes to jump in it and cuddle when he's typing at the computer.

11. Abbie likes to nibble on his toes the best because he always lets her have her fill of toe.

12. Eliot loves when Daddy cleans the litterbox, and he stalks around until Daddy leaves so that he can use it first!

13. But I'm his favorite (don't tell the others!) because I keep his feet warm every night! I love sleeping on my Daddy's feet and I know he loves us a lot.



Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Sadie always hasta be first in the clean litter box upstairs and Zippy hasta be first in da one downstairs. Being first in a clean box is grate!

Daisy said...

Wow, your Daddy seems very wonderful, and very smart too! Thanks for telling us all about him.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Cool! He sounds like a neat guy. The Lap Lady is too skinny to give blood too and she is in that same beta fish club. She has no idea what that secret handshake is though...