Sunday, May 13, 2007

5 Reasons We Love Our Mommy - By Eliot

Hi everybody! Sorry we haven't posted fur a while, everything around here has been very busy. Dad got something called a duh-gree and he had to dress up like a wizzard. What's a wizzard? It must be funny because it made mommy laugh. (He did look pretty funny though.)

So today is Mo-furs Day! I talked to Emily and Percy and Abbie and we came up with five reasons we love mommy!

1. Mommy gives us food--she makes sure we get the good kind that won't hurt kitties, even though I heard that isn't easy now.

2. Mommy gives Emily pets, even when it's dark outside and she headbumps her hand when she's sleeping.

3. Mommy fixes Percy's booboos, even though he doesn't want to take the icky medisins.

4. Abbie says she loves Mommy cause she puts up with her toe nibbles and even says that's cute!

5. I think Mommy has the best tummy to make biscuits on, and she always lets me knead her, no matter what.

We have the bestest Mommy efur!!! Happy Mo-furs Day!

Eliot, Emily, Percy and Abbie

PS. I know we've been tagged, we will answer tomorrow, we wanted to honor Mommy today.

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Daisy said...

Your Mommy sounds very wonderful! I hope she had a great Mother's Day. And congratulations to your Dad on getting his degree! That is something to be very proud of.