Sunday, April 1, 2007

5 for Sunday

Missy tagged us for the meme about the 5 reasons we blog:

1. It gives us a chance to show off our writing skills. With two parents that our English majors it's just about the only way to impress them.

2. It's so great to interact with all the wonderful kitties out there. We love reading all their stories of their daily lives.

3. We get to learn all about the scary out of doors.

4. All the people and kitties in the cat blogosphere are so close and kind to each other. It's a great way to practice kitty filanthropy to get bonus points with the big cat. Also you get to see how something as small as a few dollars can add up to change a kitty's life.

5. The computer is always warm, so it's nice to snuggle up and nap around, might as well have an excuse to be around it.

Five Kitties We Tag:

-Purrs from all the Cats Stephens



this is a great 5 reesins to blog.
You are right about the warm computer. I love it. the alptop is kind of like a heat pad.


LOismom, behind the cat.... said...

Dis is LOis!!! I am way behind on de blog kuz mama is a selfish jellis ol hoomin who dont want me to have no fun.
Fangu fer visitin me n taggin me. I dont kwite know what it means, but I think I like it!!!

Boy said...

Gweat weasons to bwog!
I wove visitin yer bwog.

The Meezers said...

those is great reasons!

Daisy said...

I like to lay on the computer too. It's warm.

Karen Jo said...

I like your reasons for blogging, especially #5. It made me giggle.