Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tummy Tuesday (kind of, I roll over really fast and it's hard to get a good shot!)

Hi effurryone!
Mama's test went fine she said, much better than last time when she lost all her thoughts and came back crying. However it's still a waiting for the score game - keep those paws crossed.
Emily and I are very much looking forward to our Valentine dates tonight. Percy will be staying home with his favorite ball. He's just not into the whole Valentine thing, hasn't found the right girl.
A word to lucy, I know I look a little wide in the photo beside, but I promise I am just fluffy. I've combed out my fur really good for you.
Emily went to the vet yesterday (she had a worm but it's all gone now, don't worry Shamy!) She wasn't feeling very good last night but tonight she's all kinds of excited about her furst date.
Thanks for all your good thoughts for my mom's exam, she really 'preciates it. See you kitties tonight!


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Did yoo know dat der iz a bug on yoor blog? I tried to catch it but it kept getting away. Yoor tummy looks fluffy. I hope yoor mom past dat test!

katnippia said...

Happy valentine's day!!!!!!

First off we would likes to fanks youz furz coming to the party.We hopes youz had a lot of fun.
Emily: Happy Valentine's Day to the purrty girl with lavender toesies. Maybe we can snuggle, or play later.
Purrs, and headrubbers....Shamy

The Meezers said...

Happy Balentimes day!!!

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Happy Valentines Day.

ArtsyCatsy said...

Happy Valentine's Day to all the Cats Stephens from the all the former ferals at ArtsyCatsy!

LOismom, behind the cat.... said...

ooo. Elliot, you are furrrry hansum!! Happee Ballentimes Day from an ol' laydee cat who will be 17 next week.
Let me tell you a quick story - you know how ol' cats are...
Long before I wuz wif my mama n daddy, my mama used to kitty sit. One cat dat she cared fer wuz a big gray foofygurl. Guess wut her name wuz - - Kitty. Yep, aynt dat embarresin!!! Mama always wondered ifn dem hoomins had kids, n ifn dey named dem Boy n Gurl!!!
Well, I like tellin stories n I wanna do a lot of it at my blog. Come see my sometime - on de 22nd, I will be 17 n I wanna havea pawty!!!
Luff, Miz LOis