Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday 13: Edition 3

Percy and Eliot went to the vet without me tonight. Why?! I wanted to go, but mommy and daddy made me get out of the box-with-a-door. But Percy said it was scary so I guess its good I didn't go! He made a Thursday 13 so everyone knows to run when your beans bring out the boxes!

13 things about the Vet
  1. Mom and dad trick you into getting in the box with doors with a treat. I fall for it every time! I was so mad this time.

  2. You have to get in the car. I hate the car!

  3. The whole vet place smells like scaredy cat.

  4. There's a big cat there, and we're stuck in a cage, but it gets to just walk around.

  5. The lady pets you a lot and right when you think you like her, she stings you.

  6. Then they hold you down and stick something under your tail, in your booty!

  7. The lady flashes a really bright light at you, so bright you have to close your eyes.

  8. The vet lady sticks a big long thing down your ear... I tried to squirm and get away but they got it all the way down there anyway.

  9. They put you on your back and poke at your belly.

  10. The vet lady feels all your guts--it felt so weird! It made me twitch.

  11. The lady called me fat and said I had to go on a diet.

  12. They mess up your fur: I still have vet smell on me, I can't get clean!

  13. The worst part is, when you go with Eliot, he gets nervous and gassy and farts all stinky the whole time, the car ride there, in the waiting room, in the vet's room, and the car ride back!
Dang, Percy, that sucks! I remember going to the vet last time; I went by myself. It wasn't fun, but it sounds like he had it worse than I did. At least they didn't call me fat!




Derby said...

I hope Percy and Elliot are OK after visiting Mr. VET?

Karen Jo said...

Poor Percy. That was an unpleasant visit. Do you have to go on a diet now? Other than getting called fat, are you and Elliot in good health?

katnippia said...

Hi to my Sweet Emily!
I understands how your brofherz feel. The last times I went my meowmize stuck me in a soft carrier, and I peed in it to protest. Oh, I so hopes this doesn't change your mindz on how youz feels about me.
Purrs and a kitty nose kisserz

Daisy said...

I HATE it when they feel yer GUTS!

The Cats Stephens said...

Oh, they're fine--just some shots and a check-up. They're whiny-cats.


Forty Paws said...

Oh my goodness! That was a harrowing experience!!! Percy farts? Awesome!

Luf, Us

Forty Paws said...

Oops. We got that wrong. Elliot farts? Shewwwee!!

Luf, Us