Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tuesday ... Toesday

I was just sitting on top of my tree dreaming about my Valentine...

Mom asked me to show off my toes for my new man...

I was a little shy at fisrt, but I guess so...

These are my back toes, I like to call my pads lavendar.

These are my front toes, aren't they nice and dainty?

Wanna hold paws?




katnippia said...

Emily, I finks you have very cute toes. Meowmize says we have the dame color of toesiez. I finks it would be very nice to hold yur paw.Fanks furz being my valentine.
Purrs, and headrubbs-Shamy

Oh, please tell your meowmize good luck on her big test saturday.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Emily & Elliot, being fine looking solid color cats, you're eligible to join our social group Coats of Many Colors. Let me know if you're interested.


Shamy is so handsome. You make a great couple!


Daisy said...

Emily, I loves yer lavender toesies!

ArtsyCatsy said...

Hi, all you Stephens beauties! Just wanted to let you know even before it goes up on the Cat Blogosphere that we're having a special benefit for our friend Mu Shue over here at ArtsyCatsy so he can get his V.E.T. care. We hope you'll come by and join us!

& the ArtsyCatsy cats

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Hey, Eliot --- I think that Lucy wood be the purrfikt Valentine for yoo. Yoo shood ask her!!! Her Catster page is heer:

She's vary lovely!!!!

Yer frend,
Skeezix the Cat

Lucy, Bitey and Stevie said...

Hi Elliot,

This is Lucy. Skeezix said that you might want to be my Valentine, but that you're shy. So I'll make the first move - will you be my Valentine?

You can write back to me at my mom's e-mail address: rachel dot jarabeck at paonline dot com.

I hope you say yes!