Friday, August 8, 2008

We Went Orange!

Hi efurrybody! If you haven't noticed yet, our bloggie has gone orange! It's all in support of our great Percy toe raffle, benefiting Percy's operation to fight his cancer! If you want a ticket, look at the first post on our blog for pictures of the fantastic blankets our Gramma made for us to raffle! We know they are fantastic, you can see, because we have rigerusly tested them for quality asyourance purposes!

Hope you find something you like!




The Cat Realm said...

We sure hope a lot of raffle tickets will be sold. And that we will win, hohohhohohoho!
But mostly that Percy will be fine!
Mrs. OZ

Tesla said...

hai! I bought a bunch of raffle tickets. I hope dat yoo gits lots of monies to help wif yoor surgery. yoo no no mez, but i iz a kitteh dat wants to help yoo.

Meh and mommeh saz, 'nahtink better den helpin a baby who iz in needs.' Keep us updated ks?!