Thursday, November 29, 2007

Percy's Contribution to the Contest

Percy Stephens here, and I would like to announce a category I am sponsoring for my stupid, I mean my cute sisfur Abbie's contest; I am proud to announce the Percy B. Stephens I Wish I Was an Only Cat Award. This award is for kitties that do not have a fur sibling to irritate them on a daily basis. If you are an only kitty, make an entry about the best thing about being an only kitty, and the kitty that makes me the most jealous will win a trophy and a prize pack. Being a generous Ginger, entries for only kitties are eligible for the $1 donation to Project HAM. You only kitties sure have it good. You don't have to share laps, toys, pets or cat trees and I really envy you.


Tybalt said...

You are generous! Purrs!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Great category ... I'd like to lock the Feline Americans outside an' be an "only" for awhile. Mom would be sad, though.

Boy said...

Wow!!! I'm an onwy kitty (a situation which I'm suspecting might not wast vewy wong)! Ok, I shall think about it and post in mine bwoggy tomowwow!

Ashley said...

Furry Chrissymouse to you!